TCM Cupping Therapy Acupuncture Annex Toronto

Cupping is an effective form of treatment involving the use of cups to cause local suction on the skin. By creating a vacuum inside of a cup, it is then placed on specific areas (typically the back) to draw the skin and muscles into the cup. After it is left on the skin for a time, it usually leaves some marks on the area, indicating there were areas of obstruction or inflammation.

Cupping is used for a variety of reasons, some of which are to increase circulation to a specific area, increase muscle mobility, relieve tension, treats respiratory conditions, breaks up obstructions, and allows toxins to be removed by the body.
It is most commonly used to treat conditions such as muscle tension, coughs/colds, stomach problems, respiratory conditions, and swelling caused by lymph accumulation.
Cupping is completely safe, and while any marks afterward may seem alarming, it is just a sign that your body needed the treatment to be done.